Lucky Palace ( LPE88 )is an online Arabian themed casino that brings a fresh feel to online gambling and betting for virtual platforms. With a selection of games to choose from, the application is one of many choices to go for when playing online. Compatible for both Apple and Android phones, you’ll never go wrong when choosing Lucky Palace to play on the go.

Download LPE88 ANDROID APK & Lucky Palace IOS GAME


LPE88 Mobile Slot Game

Another thing thats great about Lucky Palace is that the online transfer is nice and easy to use. Just contact an online dealer to have your banking details and get the credit transferred into your account easily. Our transactions cover any bank in Malaysia with online banking and we use secure and private transfers to ensure a safe transfer all the time.

With a RM50K withdraw limit, you’ll surely be walking away with all the money you can win from jackpots. Be smart and play smart with hacks or whatever advantage you can find to ensure that you win and win big. Money guaranteed with our flawless record system, check the records out so you can feel safe when playing with us.


Register Lucky Palace  ID to Login

Contact our customer service number by Whatsapp or Wechat for register or claim trial id.

More Information

1. Terms and conditions of LPE88

Players are to download the app and communicate with our game support agents to properly win at the game. Players need to follow the games instructions on their mobile phones to play properly and let the app update whenever it requests for updates.

Lucky Palace requires you to pay for a paid account so you can win cash. Practice accounts are to be used for training only and the points cannot be redeemed.

2. Accounts for LPE88

There are 2 types of accounts which are paid accounts and practice accounts. The practice accounts are always free and meant to be given to those interested in playing or trying out the games within Lucky Palace

The accounts that are paid when first login happens, a password change request will be given for you to change to your own personal password. The pin will be kept secret and we will not know of it.

3. Betting in LPE88

The bets in Lucky Palace happens in both their table and slot games, they also have live games as well.

Live game bets only count if they registered when the player put downs the cash for the game.

4. CUCI Winning

CUCI happen with our game agents helping you to make an online transfer of your credits to your account. The account number will be kept secret as well. There is a 50k of withdraw limit.

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